I want you to imagine a ten year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl who first believed that she was fat, and ugly, and an embarrassment.

I’ve recently been through counselling and this technique was used on me. And for some reason, it’s a technique that managed to finally put into perspective the way that I treat myself like shit. After years of trawling ahead with hopeless self loathing, it took this simple little exercise to make me see just how much I’ve been beating myself up. I haven’t ever watched My Mad Fat Diary, but I’ve heard great things and I think I’m going to have to start soon now, because this here is perfect. A perfect summary to show how it feels to finally believe that you’re not worthless after years of that very feeling being a part of your personality.

This technique really helped me and still keeps things in perspective when I get really low.

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The dichotomy of feminine Sansa and her tomboy little sister, Arya, coupled with the modern tendency to champion a misunderstanding of feminism in the form of “strong women” only, erroneously causes many readers and viewers to assume that Sansa is somehow in the wrong from the very beginning. They view her through the misconception-colored glasses of “femininity=weakness”, and assume she is weak, soft, and shallow.

Despite the wishes of fanboys everywhere, Sansa Stark is here to stay, and may be one of the most important characters in political-fantasy to date. The young girl, trained in courtesy and domestic arts, began coming of age, gaining political awareness, and fighting for her own survival before many other characters in this series, and has the potential to become the most powerful player of “the game of thrones” in Westeros.

Sterner Stuff: Why Sansa Stark Is A Political Powerhouse  (via albinwonderland)

It bugs me every time I hear someone complain about Sansa being weak, boring, or annoying.

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Here is a making of the cover I did for the new seriesThe United States of murder Incorporated from my dear friends @BRIANMBENDIS and oeming

 coming next month from Marvel/ icon

Pencil lines, cutting, collaging… tinkering.

I started with the hair when Brian sent me Oeming’s character designs…
Figure based on a pose of Raylin who modeled for me.

I went with the idea of the composition being that of the Statue of Liberty.
But with gun hand instead of torch.
Being that the story is about an alternate version of the US in which the Mob won the war on crime.
And for that reason, the green is made of currency. This is also to build on the currency motif Brian made of his initial tease of the image for this series with a drawing on money.

I went with the gun finger smoking instead of an actual gun. I figured it was more subtle and metaphorical that way.
Cut papers make the liberty crown radiating from the head and act as a composition design element.

More art and making of here in my albums:




ALL NEW crime comics co created by Bendis and Oeming, co creators of the eisner award willing POWERS!

all the details are right here…


we are so stoked. been working on this for YEARS!!

check out these sick variants by David Mack and David Marquez

to my pals who are always asking for me to bandwidth up their stuff, now it is time to pay it forward :) spread the word. and preorder!!

look for exclusive content and announcements for both the print and digital editions as we get closer to our mid May launch date.

United States of Murder Inc! last week to order!

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Matt Smith could have been such a wonderful doctor… if Moffat hadn’t been writing the show.

woop there it is

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Client: Can you build me a website?

Me: Sure, but I’ll need a week to finish my current job.

We come to an agreement and we decide to put it on WordPress.

Me: Just a heads up that I’ve started work on the site.

Client: WordPress isn’t secure, so we’re going to use a different platform.

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‘One Step Closer’ by Linkin ParkFall down this wormhole with me back to the year 2000 and the beginning of my metal phase (going strong 14 years later).

‘One Step Closer’ by Linkin Park
Fall down this wormhole with me back to the year 2000 and the beginning of my metal phase (going strong 14 years later).



- “A Cat’s Guide To Taking Care of Your Human” [x]

I don’t even like cats and this is cute.

Lovely kitties taking care of us.

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"Hey girl: I should have talked to the director about this."
35 Last-Second Casting Changes That Altered Movie History


"Hey girl: I should have talked to the director about this."

35 Last-Second Casting Changes That Altered Movie History

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